Squares, triangles, & circles:

The drawing transfSAM_1683ormation project now has several small 3d objects to accompany it; a square made from tissue paper and wood, a ‘circle’ from cardboard SAM_1686and a triangle from newspaper, wood and flocking. They are rather more useful than the previous images, as they provide first hand what each of them has a requirement to be freestanding.

I also undertook the suggestion of one of my tutors and created a page filled with a 100+ drawings in various shapes, sizes and orders; the first time I did this I produced the different ways the three aforementioned shapes can be organisedas 2d objects. The second time was for the deconstruction project: where I filled an A1 page with drawings to depict things we want but don’t really need, or things we have but don’t really need. This was due to the standstill that the deconstruction project has come to since I managed to boil it down to its bare bones, I hoped this would provide another bolt on inspiration. The first one didn’t.


The second page, howSAM_1688ever was another thing altogether. The second map of drawings was to be about what we need, specifically and only what we need, without any SAM_1694situational influence or possibilities of ‘if’. This was a very short list of drawings. But it gave me the necessary kick to start trying to incorporate this mass amount of stuff that we all own but don’t actual have any need for, into some style of art piece.

Since I have just created the shadows of the flies legacy on the walls I want to do the same thing for humans – except make an actual humans silluette instead of forging it from black card. I’m going to try to create the siluette from these objects we hold dear. The only problem is i am very short on time and supplies, and it is going to be very awkward to make. Along with the idea that want to include the things we do need; health, safety, the earth, the sun, food and sleep, and other people. Which is still something I know i don’t know how to do. SAM_1690SAM_1693












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