Flies legacy:

Of course siSAM_1672nce I’ve now managed to peg down what the piece is actually about, I’ve found a thousand more questions to ask instead.

On friday morning the note I made became a rant about why the piece worked – because it played off the fact that flies will go to the light. “But what will a being go through for the object of their desire? The risk of pain or death… for a fly is was death – but are they aware of its possibility when they fly straight for the beautiful glowing light? Could we possibly have anything of equal value as that mesmerizing gaze the fly looks towards unflinchingly, unfailingly as a whole race? I doubt humanity as a species could ever agree on anything being that valuable to everyone. But perhaps there is the same ‘trial’ to get thing they each desire – the same possibility for pain or death for any individual that does SAM_1679try. It will seperate the people who will risk all for one ‘desireable’ thing: each to their own. And those that find the ability to say “this isn’t worth it” although whether they believe that honestly is another matter entirely, but is they did actually think the object of their desire wasn’t worth the risk to their life means it wasn’t really their honest desire as they would have otherwise found an instinct or other method to avoide clinging to the desire to ensure their survival. Which brings us to the important question of whether survival alone is good enough; in all ways, particularly since you will die anyway, in which case why not have the desired object in the time you have. Although this is not to convince you or judge you, there is no right or wrong answer, after all this… the time you have, where it comes from is another matter we shall not go into, is yours alone.”

This generally all spawed from the fact that the flies just accumulate on the floor, they have had no real experience, no real chance of survival, but their shell lies there and gives us a witty insight into our own lives before being swept up, presumably, and thrown in the bin. I wanted to try and capture the flies part within this mini-play, this orcatrated event which always ends in tragedy. SAM_1674 SAM_1677


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