using the basics:

ISAM_1666n the drawing transformations project I have moved onto solely using the basic shapes to create patterns, and basic ‘techniques’ to create detail. I started with cross hatching, a simple technique that everybody and anybody knows how to do; I filled in squares to create a three dimensional image spreading across an a1 page. I moved to paint and triangles, to create this geometric shard-like image, and from there I grew bored.

The squares and the triangles  were good, interesting, in the way that they were tools to explore a simple process being part of something bigger; but eitherway I needed to find something more interesting than the ordinary techniques and use the chance to explore into broader terms of “drawing”. Thats when i found a pack of sticky-notes, and decided to make use of this spare new media in my top drawer. I devised a SAM_1667method to create ‘shade’ from the five eye-gougingly-vibrant colours; green the darkest and yellow the lightest. Although the outcome is gaudy and simple: i like it. It was fun to mess with, its design builds up gradually its not something you can just draw the outline of, the media is as much the art as the image that it creates.




I want to try it again, with a design in mind, although i may try dots later.






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