Understanding the concept:

I was advised to think about the concept of “A Thousand Years”, with its black humour, and odd uses of corpses in the macabre performance enacted by mere flies. To find the concept I was told i should try to explain the piece to a non-artistic viewer, my answer was as follows: “It’s not supposed to be pretty, its not as superficial as that. Its supposed to make you question it, after all its not your average ordinary everyday scene. It’s trying to make you think about the choice they [the flies] make: however insignificant it may be to you. You are watching the most significant choice of their lives being played out in front of you. The choice to you is foolish, go towards a light and die or towards the food and survive. But to the flies they, as far as we are aware, do not know the light means death, they see something beautiful and powerful and become curious to discover it, they take the risk for the chance at what they desire rather than to just survive.”

Afterwhich I asked a few people what they would do if given the same choice; To go towards either their deepest desire at the risk of their life, or go towards enough food to survive for a while. All said they would choose the first option. (Well, all that answered; some thought it a pointless exercise and others were excluded due to their apparent belief in an afterlife in which the threat of death was made redundant.) The fact that they would choose the same option as most of the flies, is fascinating, particularly since humanity seems to have this issue about flies and how useless and miniscule they are in our world; although if you think about it, we are just as insignificant in comparision to the rest of the universe.

Another interesting note is that according to this article; we share 60% of our genes with the fruit fly. Whereas this claims we share 50% of our DNA with bananas, and this claims the high rate of 97% with rats, and this claims 70% dna shares with slugs.

We are at the beginning of week five at the moment, and this clarification of what the actual heart of the piece is, helps try to define how i can translate it.


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