The second one:

I proceed to flock and try to experiment with filling an actual lightbulb with some of my designs; ponds, rocks, grass. However I myself cannot break into one; namely because you can’t remove the metal around the top; hence you have to cut the glass- a skill i dont have, even with the appropriate tools.

Hence I have another tutorial; in which I was advised to move from experimenting with the physical aspect of  a lighbulb, to the concept that was behind the piece “A Thousand Years” – which in my opinion is that it’s about choice; between desire and life. The fly has been born into the situation where they can either eat the head and live, or choose to fly into their hearts desire and being electricuted.

Hence Ive been tryign to come to a design that involves the scientific, and a little twisted viewpoint of having this live performance of the final and only choice in the flies lives. Ive researched some references to flies- childrens rhymes “The old lady who swallowed a fly” song, “The spider and the fly” poem, which I want to try and make into a storyboard if not a comic strip.

These also the science side of the project; where I could see what choices flies would make if given their space and our time. Which means I could create a scientific notebook- diagrams, notes, photographs, some video.

I could also explore the average connotaions of flies- dark, damp, diseased ares- abandoned areas namely. Then I could flip it and see how flies can be used in life rather than just their dead carcasses.


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