After Tutorial:

SAM_1650   After having a tutorial on monday afternoon, i decided to start looking at the fly aspect of the piece “A Thousand Years”, and hence started with the typical drawing of the fly itself, before moving to its anatomy. Trying to understand why Hirst wanted hundreds of these decorating the floor about the cows head, as if they were empty shells.

I tried to replicate their silouettes and then their colour patterns, not all flies are actually black, or just plain black. The most interesting thing to happen yesterday was that I have decided upon what to do with the light and the fly rather than just use one to kill the other; but I plan to make a light box and illuminate the flies to cast their shadow on the wall, as a kind of projection. Namely because Hirst uses their corpses as proof of their life being over, whereas I want to show the intracies of what is left behind- the body and the life.SAM_1652SAM_1653SAM_1651

Provided the light box works correctly the flies bodies will be projected as a a large shadow, larger than the average person at least.

(A Light box is generally just a backlit viewing device, commonly used for either tracing or projection.)


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