SAM_1613I left the research behind for the moment and took the oppurtunity to experiment with what i could do with the light bulb. I chose the light bulb as the small fraction of “A thousand years” because of its universal nature, most people will have seen a light bulb, where only a few a dead cows head, and its Hirst-given-role, of the dangerous choice that becomes a life-or-death situation. The light to a fly in particular, is beautiful, they are attracted to it and they endear themselves with a tragic ending, a live performance of that “just because its pretty doesn’t mean theyre nice”.

I tinkered with how to present the light bulb; and went with the obvious iconic symbol to start with.


I tried converting it into drawings of pencil, pen, watercolours, and charcoal. Whilst experimenting with media, i tried to produce the work in different styles; cartoonish, deatiled, ‘abstract’ and mono printing.


I plan to try using ‘photoshop’ to mess with the photographs I have as resource material, and possibly, depending how daring im going to be; try using my new skill of ‘illustrator’ to try the medium if nothing else. I do want to go back to scultpture work some time soon, its more familiar and i find myself happier with the end products.


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