Moving on:

Finding a corrosponding theme of equal importance in another setting, without computers, as technology was difficult. I tried to think along the lines that what technoloogy has changed, namely literature. Which is far too braod a subject; hence I decided to look at religion; namely for the article “The religion of computers” and then ended up with Charles Darwin. A combination of both.

Its a well known fact that his books, starting with his ideas of evolution, caused an unroar with those who were deeply religious. To relate it back to my project; The literature Darwin wrote caused a change of viewpoint about religion, technology caused literature to slowly fade away, whilst computers themselves turned into a religious order.

So i did some digging; theres a website “science and religion” which explains through the 19th centuary, the changes to their beliefs. At the start of the centuary “the study of God’s Word, in the Bible, and His Work, in nature, were assumed to be twin facets of the same truth.” In truth, the doubt caused by changing science didn’t become a treat until 1820/30s, when some radicals saw a chance of using particular¬†versions for political ends. However science didn’t truly effect faith in quite the upheaval youre thinking of, most could find a way to reinterpret the Bible to fit the facts, no harm done. It was namely working-class radicals that stressed the strain put on faith.

It was namely Thomas H Huxley and John Tyndall, who began to make a mark, they argued the involvement of clergymen in the sciences, they shoudl focus on being experts in their own fields of theology and pastoral care. By the 1870/80s ‘the sciences’ and ‘religion’ were seen separate and distinct in their own right.


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