Deconstruction of the Grand Masters:

To begin again, the new project involves taking a piece of art, art in the loosest form, and take it apart and recreate it within a contemporary context.

I decide to choose a context before trying to find a piece of art that i appreciated enough with an interesting background i could manipulate, the context i chose was the very obvious ‘technology’. Which is not a common feature of historic art pieces, hence i looked for something of the same value, which meant understanding the actual value of computers as they stand now. Which is high. They mean a lot, general for their connectivity and the money and power they supply, either way they have been turned into something to worship for children and adults alike.

The research I found started withthe 2011 television show “Black Mirror” which is “A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology” created by Charlie Brooker. There is one particular episode which shows a combination of obession with both death and technology; a husband dies, the pregnant wife uses technology to recreate him , building up from a chatroom conversation to a full bodied clone.

Another website I found provided a video of a lecture about how text language is not a bad thing, “Txting is killing language. Jk!” by John McWhorter. It compares the relation of race, politics and our shared cultural history to the effect it has on language.

A couple of websites tried to explain that computers have become the new religion; “The Religion of Computers” claimed that people have become so attached they have started to gain the “same sense of ‘ultimate solutions'”, in that they try to claim their ‘god’ is a cure all. Whereas “The new religion of computer consciousness” explained that there are some who are Transhumanists, one such believer, Alexander Chislenko said “you can consider all this as building God out of the universe ourselves.”

Other pages tried to defend the ability of computers; “communication: a key to development” claimed that “Helping people at all lends to communicate empowers then to recognise important issues and find common groups for action and builds a sense of identity and participation in order to implement their decisions”, which to me sounds a little too much like training someone to think in specfic route to find a particular decision. Although in the article of “computattional thinking” seems to make it into a skillful method of free thinking, only with whichever person the world over, its “a way of solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behaviour by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science.”

Other pages just seemed to mock the entire situation; “Computer religion” which is described as “A religion without belief, a hands on religion, a what you see is what you get religion” although whether it is serious or not, i’ll take it with a pinch of salt.


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