The assessment presentation:

The challenge with the projects set so far, was the change from picking a theme and sticking to it at A level, to taking a title and running under it to any other topic or idea that piqued our interest. I understood that this course would be different from my college, however the leap was terrifying; namely it was the freedom to find an area of interest and a format we were curious enough about or otherwise interested in to use, or learn to use, for the project itself; whilst it was still appropriate for them to logically be use in combination.

This was something I strived to stick to from the beginning, as I am conscious of my ability to wander off to a tangent. My starting idea for the first project was to explore the ability we have as a generation, to create an online identity, which can be vastly different from our real time one. However I ended up exploring the easy access another person has to ‘hack’ into said identity; namely due to the idea of taking photographs of people without their knowledge, through their technology, had gripped me and persisted until I had attempted it. I moved media from these online photographs to pixels drawn in pencil, to recreating those hand drawn pixelated images back to the original context of the computer. 

The main problem I had so far was both the IT inductions and the second project. I bring them up together due to the impact the IT inductions had on the project that is at first the inductions covered ‘Photoshop’, a programme that will be undeniably useful, although when ‘indesign’ was introduced it was covered as a topic repeatedly and extensively for nearly a month. Due to the second project being a publication it was made out that it should be made via ‘indesign’, which wasn’t much of a problem until this was repeated as the only method we should use.

The other problem with the, second project was that it was a group one; not something I’ve ever had to try before. Our little team of three managed to create a small collection of photographs of Storthes Hall; the original plan was to produce a book of useful information about Huddersfield. There are a thousand reasons why we didn’t; lack of time, collaboration, on all our parts…

The book we did create had some ‘found objects’ to connect to the places physically rather than through only a photograph of a random place no one knows. I can’t say it was clever or witty, it’s nothing grand nor especially attractive but with our situation I’m grateful we produced anything at all. I wish I could say we dealt with the challenge of a group project maturely and achieved a mutual goal that was worth all the both, although we did have a chance to apply our knowledge of Photoshop in the books production.

The third project allowed for a real expedition into unknown charters; and in combination to the experimental drawing, where we were shown different ways of thinking, which led to, what i think, is my most interesting project. The experimental drawing gave us alternative methods of how we could draw, like using a different media, such as masking tape, then, giving us the right amount of curiosity to explore for ourselves, before showing us better, more intriguing ways of looking at things, like drawing in the dark.

I used the topic of third project like a spring board for ideas and I jumped from luminal to fractals; the idea basically fell into my lap, due to a friend in computer programming explained that they made images from “patterns that can go for infinity, but are usually kept in a finite amount of space”. However the project turned into three-dimensional aerial spirals, which I made primarily from paper, due to its flexibility into being manipulated into various forms, Tara Donovan claims all her work is made from materials that are commonly found in any household, and its cheapness in procuring. Creating sculptors was an entirely new topic for me, as I was never curious enough and always too nervous to know where to begin. But this course has given me both the opportunity and the necessary curiosity and initiative to work out concepts and methods both by myself and as part of a whole.


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