End of term: Summary:

The presentation that was the assessment of the term was more a short conversation where I explained the entire process of development from my initial ideas to every different area of exploration that I faced. The idea of a presentation was nerve racking, however the conversation took place as more a one to one tutorial, in which my tutor gave me advice on where my work was lacking; within my artist research, in that I don’t look around for inspiration, more sit in agony waiting for an idea to strike.

Although my tutor thought my drawing capability and my understanding of creating a concept before attempting to create any work around it. However by the third project I had become more interested in the sculptural form of the fractal spirals, and as such most of my work in the last project was made in the three dimensional format; although the whole sculptural area is not a field I have explored before, but due to freedom that the projects allow, due to not requiring a final piece of work, I gave it a shot. The result of my tangent allowed for evidence that I was willing to explore into areas I hadn’t encountered before and knew nothing about.

Overall the assessment went well, although I do need to organise my compilation of work into a better order and a better size file, for easier access to all of it from the time is was made. Rather than the pile of work I hashed together due to the different sizes of sheets and material, although the use of only one sketchbook did make it easier to explain in a linear fashion.


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