Experimental drawing:

Although the experimental drawing seems pointless and justa  bit of fun; thats not the reason we have the sessions, we have them because they give us alternative methods of how we could do things. Like using a media we never thought could be used to draw, like masking tape, or a different way of looking at an object, like drawing it in the dark. This last week, we took the liberty to take charge of what we did; of how we could capture the moment in the sports hall, before it gets demolished over christmas break. I decided I’d go back to basics, start with a pencil and paper, and look up. Nearly all the work we have produced from experimental drawing so far has been from the floor or the walls, or more specifically a particular corner.

I started underneath a netball hoop, and started drawing from behind the backboard. Then I just kept going. I wanted to take down as much information as possible and hence I ended up leading the image onto another few sheets. The end result shows the endless intricacies of the hall, particularly in the part that is actually holding the roof above our heads, nevermind the roof itself.



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