Spiral seedling:

I SAM_1591created a spiral from square cardboard pieces connected on a wire through the middle, the ability to move the pieces gave me the idea of attempting a woodpecker sort of arrangement with one of the helicopter seeds.

Remember the woodpecker toys? Where there was a spiral wire and a wooden bird at the top that would fall  when yoPecking-Woodpecker_imagelargeu touched it, ‘pecking’ at the wire as gravity pulled it down. Like this:

They were a benchmark of the problem of contact dynamics, that is the motion of systems with more that one piece, whicha re subjected to fiction and contact that is unstable; like the fiction causes by the sleeve that sits around the pole, and the contact that is the woodpeckers beak.

I attempted a simpler one with a model of a sycamore seedling made from wire, netting and thread, which is too heavy and disproportioned to float in its naturally contructed brothers method. Hence I decided to try to apply a similar method of the woodpecker toy. I pushed a wire through the approximate middle, trying to divide the weight near equally; to give one side the incentive to fall first. The outcome was less than successful. Namely due to the weight, and that the thred enclosed the wire too tightly for it to move at any sort of speed.SAM_1593


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