The Spiral:

Spirals started to become interesting when I managed to create one from a flat sheet of paper, through only folding, so I decided why not try another media, one that a computer wouldn’t ordinarily be able to use at all. Hence I used some oak hardwood, cut into around six centimetre strips to attach together into a spiral. The outcome, which whilst not the most aesthetically looking piece, moved the eye from one point to another without hesitation. My problem was that I   knew little to nothing about sculptures, as proven by my fragile little wooden toy.SAM_1539SAM_1538

Within my research into sculptures I came up with two artsists whose work had connotations to my project; Tara Donovan and Jill Townsley. Tara Donovan is a sculptor born in 1969, and most commonly uses houshold objects into large scale installations, that have been said to have a life of their own. Here are the two I focused on; Papers plates, and Styrofoam cup cloud. Jill Townsley, whose work is usually huge in scale and ranges from paper to fabric to fishing wire, to create a varity of shapes and patterns, however most of her work has some form of fractal within it. I used her works at what level, all things remaining equal and Spoons. (I attempt something of the genre with the pages of a book, coiled and strung together at the core.)SAM_1533

They both use a wide varity of media however, fabric and paper are the most prodominant. SAM_1549This gave me the idea to include material into my project, even if it ended up lacking, the curiosity would be stated. I used some felt to create a simple cross fractal connected together with a blanket stitch. For an experimental piece it turned out well, so i went bigger. I used mesh and wire to create a tunnel that consisted of six hoops all linked together by the mesh; this would be my representation of the invisible connection between the two places that i could identify as luminal. A visible link for others to see and understand that when i say liminal i mean a place stranded between two others, a place that also made up the two seperate places it was trapped under, “betwix and between”.   SAM_1567SAM_1557


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