The application of liminal;

WP_20131118_003 The use of liminal can be applied to a variety of subjects, from individuals to larger groups, up to and including whole societies or even entire civilizations. Although in actual reality liminal can be used for just about everything; time: dawn, sunset, twilight, new years or the cycle of the moon; religion: the trickster, Da’at or purgatory;  begins: shapeshifters, hybrids, workers or travellers(depending on the viewpoint.); places: crossroads, ariports, no mans land, borders, hotels, bridges, fords; folklore: Hiranyakashipu, Narasimha, Lleu, Mononoke, Namuci and Vitra; and popular culture: .hank(online world), Hamlet, The phantom tollbooth, for some examples.

Turner then coined the term Liminoid, meaning a break from society or part of play, whereas liminal is the aspect of society or something of social or religious ritual which luminoid allows you to escape.WP_20131118_034

Within the project I have procured some photographs to help depict the site I have chosen; The glass ceiling of the main reception building, and I have begun to experiment with the realiy of the glass; by zooming into a particular section of interest and capturing it, whilst trying to maintain  its connection to the liminal.

Although from another blog I found connected to this topic gave the quote that “It [liminal] doesn’t exist as an WP_20131118_004aesthetic conecpt or any distinguished phenomenon in the contemporary fine art.” which is not very encouraging, however J.K.Lyotard claims that “the artwork created (deliberatly or not) are probably best recognised for their aesthetics (or anti-aesthetics) of incompleteness.” (taken from The Postmodern Condition, 1979) Which indiactes that despite the lack of artwork that revolves around the concept of the liminal, the work that does appear, has a distinct style to it; so noticaSAM_1503ble and distinguished it is recognised as an indicator of the topic.











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