New project:

We’ve begun a new project where the topic is Liminality. Which is described by the oxford dictionary firstly as “relating to a transitional or initial stage of process” and secondly as “occupying a position at, or on both sides of a boundary or threshold”.

The immediate response was to google search for any artists relating to the topic; a useful one was the article “looking for liminality in archetectural space” which is an article of immense value when looking for liminality within building structures and manifesting that as art; in various speculative forms. This in combination with the blog Terra Incognita: exploring human creativity, and the article “liminality in art“. This article is described as an “attempt in coining a new term in the Art Theory field.” (By itself.) The other website that was particularly intresting was Creative Becoming  and the article it provided was “Threshold concepts, liminality, uncertainty, identity...” which provided various other areas of intresting references.

Also, you should check out Radio 4’s Reith Lectures by Grayson Perry, which I should have remembered to bring up when I was listening to them. (You can still catch them online.)



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