New project:

The new topic we were given was “text and image”, we were requested to create something that could be made cheaply and simply as we would need multiple copies, and publish it.

They stressed the idea that “publish” is a loose term and can be applied to anything that is presented to the public in any manner, just as I am publishing this blog right now.

After forming groups; we decided to create an archive for Huddersfield, as in we would film areas we would visit and choose some ‘found objects’ to record and place in our collection, we also figured we would research into the history of Huddersfield, and track back any stories or legends the structures and buildings could present.

We started with Storthes Hall, our student accommodation, which was a mental asylum some years back, hence there are a few stories about the place, despite the fact that the original building that was used as the hospital was knocked down. Before the buildings now used as accommodation were built, which still hasn’t stopped some happenings from being recorded through stories and legends.

We intend to build an archive of materials found in the various places we explore around Huddersfield; although this will be awkward as found material will likely be the same sort of things; twigs, stones, etc However by building this archive we can comprise a short collection of realistic data of the different places, that is we can exploit the fact from fiction in the myths about the town, such as; Storthes hall being centred where was once an asylum. IMG_2884





IMG_2923 IMG_2880

IMG_2930 IMG_2871


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