Pixel research:

When trying to find any information on pixel art, I found a website article that saved me, as pixel art is not the most common of styles despite the internet and computer technology being the most common topic of todays world. The site Smashing Magazine, left me with many different impressions to the manifestations of ‘pixel’ art; that is the different styles and what the limitations actually are for such a closed creational method.

The article presents several artists and styles of pixel art in a format where it just feeds you information fast and in order by links to their origin site. Some of the information leads to artists, like; Miguel Eudara – “Hero“, who used 3.2 million dots to draw his father, taking 210 hours to draw by hand, and make pixel not war , a collection of several images of inspiring nature like the  immediate connection of this piece to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and the Cathedral pixel art window by Ritcher, Game Over project, Guillaume Reymod who used people by pixels as they recreated vintage games, and jason huang, who created a pixel world online.

Other information gives just images from unknown or otherwise foreign source images; Fool – “in middle of nowhere“,  “panda and strawberry” sowing, “raining drea“, a material pixel sculpture, in a middle of nowhere.

Whereas there was particular styles; Rubikcubism , where rubik meets pixel art, 8 bit buddy , three-dimensional pixel art, pixel couch, pixellised fabrics, pixel tattoos , vintage pixel art, wall design ,with painted floppy discs as pixels.

There was also the dotmatrix printer article here,  with information and instructions on how to both create and work your own dot matrix printer. Whereas this website shows the creation of hand-made dot matrix images using the character mario.

By Ashley Anderson

By Ashley Anderson


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