exploration into other depictions:

Whilst experimenting into the production and manipulation of pixels, I trod into dpi, the act of turning the pixels into a reality through printing. The printer works because for each pixel it prints a dot of ink, you can tell how good the printer is by the amount of dots per inch, or dpi.

Here I blew up the pixels in a curve i made on the computer and sketched them out, before experimenting the shapes of the pixels; which was what inadvertedly led me to the dpi depictions.

The dpi started off at the same size as the pixellated drawings from the previous post, namely for convience sake as I simply translated the pixels over into a shaded circle of the same size in the grid. Then I experimented by creating a larger one with circles of around a centimetre wide, however the drawing became to big for my A4 sized sketchbook and I had to cut it off somewhere.

blown up pixel experimentation in pixels dpi full miniture dpi right top corner enlarged


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