The little pixel man:

     Pixel man Using a little doodle of a man in a pixellated form I managed to move my project onto how identity can be hacked, which is an act that has only been made easier with the technological leaps of the computers. Hence I moved onto the idea of ‘hacking life’.

In images this is a strange thing to try and conceptualise; so i started simple, hacking into a camera built into a piece of technology is a common occurance, taking a photo through that hack is how ended up with my designs as of yesterday.  By building the same images up with pixels (ordinary squares) on paper in graphite for the beginning, although I have begun experimenting in colour. I statrted using the Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Black order which is used in printing processess; for checking the colour is pure and printing correctly.

inverted negative face printing pixels   shadows only pixe

original pixelated image

colour pixellated






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