online art:

There was an exhibition in November of 2011, “the Art of Hacking”, which used works from various artists but particularly Heath Bunting who has created a,  Own, be owned, or remain invisible. Which is a plain page with a just visible documentary on himself, although most words are hyperlinked, hence clicking on any particular one will transport you to an area that may or may not exsist or may or may not be owned by someone else. He explores the physical space and the virtual space, which is how he created his “phone-in” at kings cross, connecting people around the world on a phone, strangers were talking to strangers, all because of a set up he created on his website.

His work isnt a physical thing, but its the co-ordination between people, space and technology that is a curiousity to me; how he uses space; virtual or online to watch how people arrive with an expectation and to have that changed before their eyes by his use of technology.

Art hack day;

a few days in April of 2013; where a bunch of people met up and made something, anything. Using the title “larger than life” they collaborated together to create an exhibition that went public and could be seen for a few days after. They documented this on the website linked above; they theorised that as er experience we are all being viewed, through sensors and cameras, we are all projecting an image of ourselves. They question the idea that this technology has made us into artists and archivists, and ask if you would reshape your own and other perception of yourself if given the oppourtunity or indeed the right?


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