hacking the brain:

I found an article on how there are six common ways that artists hack into your brain; twisting mirrors, unreal shadows; virtual reality, photorealistic; forcing an emotional impression; illusions making two images in one painting; synesthete; perspective and ‘reverspective’.

The article compares artists and hackers, by using the notion that both artists and hackers are “makers” they appear extraordinarily close in their subject matter. (providing you indicate a hacker as a technological engineer for creating software.)

This article spawned a curiosity into what hackers actually try to do, leading to another website “problems of hackers” , in which there is a comparison to hackers and painters, and why hackers “feel as if they’re doing something completely unrelated”.

A quote from the site; “most makers make things for a human audience. And to engage an audience you have to understand what they need. Nearly all the greatest paintings are paintings of people, for example, because people are what people are interested in.” So how to apply that to hackers? They create things that are for computers, alternate programming and software, admittedly which people will use as they use the computer. However they don’t need to know or understand the programming to use the computer, they don’t need to be interested in it to achieve what they will from it. In art, you can’t create something meant to be stored and not understood, because that is the only purpose of art; to be seen and to be judged.


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